To live in Australia

To Live in Australia - Is it a dream?

Living in Australia is a dream for many people but how different from the dream of white sandy beaches, golden days and endless fun and laughter is the reality? If you are thinking of living in Australia you want to know the pros and cons. Each state is different and every city offers something that will appeal to migrants. .

Living in Sydney Australia and other areas - The differences

Living in Sydney Australia is very different to living in Melbourne Australia for example. The cost of living in Sydney, Australia for example is much higher than the cost of living in Melbourne Australia but you are paying for the world famous spectacular harbour, stunning surf beaches and among the best work opportunities in Australia. If you love a quiet achiever then low key Melbourne has won the award for the most livable city, has magnificent laneways bursting with culinary delights and has a reputation for supporting new business. Living in Perth gives you year round warmth, great opportunities in construction, mining, oil and gas and some of the most stunning beachside suburbs you could come across. House prices in Perth are lower than they have been for a while and this is a great opportunity for newcomers. The average cost of living in Australia does not really reflect the average cost of living in different states. If you are wanting to buy a property Queensland and Tasmania still offer wonderful bargains compare to many counties but if you are thinking of living in Melbourne or living in Sydney then expect to pay very high prices to own your own home.

The standard of living in Australia, generally, is very high and while you may need to pay a high price for property in some cities close to the CBD you will find that you are able to live a very good life less expensively than in other countries overseas. People ask about the cost of living in Australia vs US and to be honest it depends on the comparison of city to city: if you are comparing living in New York to living in Sydney then you may find that the pricing is similar for many things but if you are comparing living in the mid west of US to living in Sydney then the cost of living will be higher.

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There is also the same wealth of information if you are moving to Sydney Australia or any of the other major cities. You will also be able to make a list of tasks which you need to do before you move to Australia and keep a budget for moving to australia as well. For further information take a look at our services and at the relocation guides which offer lots of useful information but also download the free app Applocation Australia

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