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Please take a few moments to complete our questionnaire with your partner and provide as much detail as possible. This will give you a clear understanding of your needs and enable us to provide a quality service focusing on your requirements.

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Arrival Details
  1. Do you require short term accommodation?
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Childrens Education
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Housing Requirements
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  3. Rental price range
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  5. How long is your assignment?
Type of accommodation
  1. Do you wish to live in the suburbs or close to the city?
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  5. Do you know any suburbs?
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  7. What is your preferred area?
  8. What is your preferred commuting time to office?
Property Details
  1. No of bedrooms
  2. No of bathrooms
  3. Is a garage essential?
  4. Yes
  5. What are your likes and dislikes? E.g. - must be a modern or older renovated style home.
  6. Please give details of the style of house you require:
  7. Please indicate which requirements are essential (needs) and which requirements are desirable, but not necessarily essential (wants).
  8. need1:



  9. Please give details of the house you are currently living in:
  10. Do you intend to bring your own furniture?
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  12. Do you require assistance with rental furniture, or purchase of furniture?
  13. rental funiture
    purchase furniture
  14. Are there any large pieces of furniture you are bringing with you that we should be aware of?

  1. Please list your hobbies and interests.

Matters of cultural and religious importance
  1. Please explain if there are any matters which will affect the location chosen or the type of housing you require?
  1. Are there any medical concerns that we need to know about?
  1. Do you intend to bring your pet?
  2. Yes (go to question 2)
    No (go to the next section)
  3. Do you require kennelling on arrival?
  4. Yes

We do understand the importance of bringing the family pet, however we would like you to be aware that this may limit the type of suitable housing available.

Is there any other information that you feel will assist us with your relocation? Please include other expectations that you have of us during your relocation.

Finally, how did you hear of Elite Executive Services?

We will be contacting you very shortly. Thank you for taking the time to fill out the questionnaire.

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